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FAQ's for Ossa Podcasters
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How to add my Podsights prefix?
How do I create an account?
If I add the prefix to my hosting platform, how does it affect my data privacy?
When will I know if my account has been approved?
Why do I need to add a payment method?
How did you get access to my podcast data?
How do I cancel my account?
What is Stripe?
Can I monetize if I have less than 1,000 downloads per episode?
How do I add a payment method?
What kinds of ads can I expect to receive from Ossa?
Can I work with Ossa if I am not based in the USA?
Timestamps and Air-checks
What happens if the campaign starts later than expected?
Can I book a call with someone from Ossa to learn more?
How do I get paid?
Hosting companies and the types of ads you can run with Ossa.
What fees are involved?
Booking Expectations and Guidelines
What are some examples of advertising opportunities that Ossa offers?
I added the wrong Stripe account! How do I change it?
I already have a Stripe account. Why do I need to "Create" one on Ossa?
Why can't I add my Podsights prefix?
What is a booking?
What is Ossa Collective?
How does it work if I get an offer for advertising on platforms other than my podcast?
How do I connect and communicate with the Ossa team?
Does Ossa own any of my content?
How do I receive brand offers?
What happens once I accept a brand offer?
How do I interact with the Ossa community of podcasters?
How do I log out of my profile?
Why is my Stripe account "incomplete" and how do I fix it?
Can I add multiple shows to my dashboard?
What if I already have a prefix on my RSS feed?
What is Podsights and an RSS Prefix?
What is Chartable?
Where can I find my monthly listeners numbers in my podcast hosting account?
Confirming The Number Of Monthly Listeners
Which hosting platforms are compatible with Ossa Insights?
How do I setup Trackable on my hosting service?
How do I connect my Spotify for Podcasters Account?
I am having trouble with my Chartable account, what should I do?
How do I sign-up Chartable and add Trackable to my account once I have received the invitation email?
What is Trackable?
How do I gain access to Chartable?
Adding your Chartable Trackable prefix