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Free Hosting Program
Free Hosting Program
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Why is Ossa providing free hosting for podcasters?
How much will I make if I migrate?
How do I migrate my show from my existing provider?
What are the benefits of migrating?
What is programmatic advertising?
Do I have control over the advertisers I work with?
Is there a fee when I upload my own ads from my own sponsors?
Is there a limit on how many downloads I can have?
If I have an episode that is already filled with ads, am I required to have two programmatic ads play at the end? Can I pick specific episodes that include this?
Can I run Dynamic Ads?
Does Spreaker have integration with Patreon?
How do I add my co-host or producer to my podcast?
How to add a 3rd party prefix to my RSS feed?
What kind of support will Ossa provide me with?
What are the terms of opting into Ossa’s free hosting program?
Can I cancel or migrate to another provider?
Do you have control over my content?
Can I work with other advertisers and does Ossa take a cut?
What will Ossa do with the access to my data?
How do I qualify for the Ossa Free Hosting program?
How do I set up the programmatic ads?
How do I set up Dynamic ads?
I use Anchor production and editing tools. Does Spreaker have those tools?
Can I still participate in the PIR Program or the Free Hosting Program if I am an existing Spreaker customer?
What happens if Ossa stops providing hosting services?
Do you offer a complimentary website?
Where can I distribute my podcast?
How do I see how much revenue I earned from my programmatic ads?
How much does it cost?
What is PodSwap?
Will my statistics and subscribers transfer to Spreaker?
Why is my Spreaker account limited?
How do I book ads outside of Ossa?