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What's The Difference Between Embedded and Dynamic Ads?
What's The Difference Between Embedded and Dynamic Ads?
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Embedded advertisements live within the show for at least 90 days, and are recorded as part of the episode itself. What this means is that the ad read delivered may only reach audiences who listen to new episodes and onward, but it’ll be a more organic read, often above the :30 or :60 length agreed to, and may not be subject to being lumped into a large ad load (the segment of a show where 2-3 dynamic ads may run at the same time)

Dynamic ads are ads that are inserted dynamically into episodes of a selected show, either new episodes only (aka episodic), older episodes only (back catalog), or full catalog, and programmed to run for a specific amount of time or until your ad has delivered in full, whichever comes first. This is a great tool for advertisers running seasonal or limited time campaigns, ensuring that they are hitting a large amount of listeners with a deal that aligns with their marketing calendar.

Dynamic and Embedded ad reads are both expecting to receive product and provide an endorsement of the product or services.

Run of Network advertisements, or RON, are :60 ads that are pre-recorded by your team or an agency, with the goal of also being inserted dynamically into episodes and run in open inventory. While these ads are typically towards the end of an ad load and run across multiple shows on a network, vs on a specific show. In exchange, ads are often less expensive CPM wise

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