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Hosting companies and the types of ads you can run with Ossa.
Hosting companies and the types of ads you can run with Ossa.
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We no longer accept screenshots to verify your impressions. In order to get booked on a campaign, you are required to add your prefix to your RSS feed. When running dynamic ads, you must also add a specific tracking URL for each campaign.

If you are on a hosting company that does not support a third-party prefix or tracking URL capabilities, you will not get booked on an Ossa campaign. If you are impacted by this, you can sign up for our free hosting program with Spreaker or Megaphone here.

We do not support Spotify (formerly known as Anchor) or Soundcloud-hosted podcasts due to their incompatible system.

The following hosting services support dynamic ad tracking URLs. If you are not on any of these hosting providers you are only able to publish embedded ads.

Acast, Acast EU, AdsWizz, Art19, Audioboom, Audiohook, Barstool HQ, Dovetail, DV360, iHeart, iHeart Audience Marketplace, Megaphone, Omny, Podbean, Red Circle (only on Spotify/Podsights), Simplecast (Only on Spotify/Podsights) Transistor (Only on Spotify/Podsights), Sounder, SPAN, Spreaker, TTD Podcast and Whooshkaa.

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