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Creating your ad: Scripts, talking points, samples, promo codes and more.
Creating your ad: Scripts, talking points, samples, promo codes and more.
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Here are some best practices for creating your script and talking points for podcasters. Please note you can send different shows different notes if you require.


Intro: Begin with provoking questions or statements about your brand or product.

Talking Points: List key brand/product benefits + features.

Call To Action: State the clear direction you want the listeners to take, such as visiting your website or to use a special offer. (vanity links, promo codes, Text SMS, etc.)

Talking Points

Please list 5-10 bullet points that the host can touch upon in their read. Please include relevant product features, benefits or how to use your product of brand.

* Hosts will put your talking points in their own voice + personal perspective to help the ad resonate with their audience, alternating through talking points if they're doing multiple ads.

Promo Codes

A promo code will need to be created for each podcaster (we suggest doing the name of the show and discount. (For example - OSSA15)

For best results, we suggest offering podcaster listeners an incentive that is more attractive than any current website sales, email sign-ups, etc.

*Make sure the URLs or promo codes are set up to accept both lowercase and uppercase variations.

Examples of Ad copy and Talking points

Grab Attention:

  • Share a fun fact

  • Ask a Question

  • Alarming statistic

  • Quote of a customer

Intro Examples:

  • "Are you suffering from anxiety, stress or sleepless nights?"

  • "3 million people in the U.S suffer from insomnia every night."

Establish The Problem:

  • Explain a problem from audience POV

  • Mention how a problem affects way of life

  • Explain why problem is frustrating

Problem Examples:

  • Your everyday self-care product have ingredients toxic to you & families.

  • Postpartum Depression affects 70% of women.

  • 1 in 5 women will experience a mental illness and don't have the needed support and guidance to help them.

  • Exposure to sun is the top cause of premature aging.

Offer Your Solution:

  • How it improves way of life

  • List notable publications or awards

  • Does it have a high product satisfaction or lower price point than competition?

Solution Examples:

  • "No more running to your store's empty shelves or figuring out how to substitute ingredients at home - get your essentials delivered to your door. "

  • "Our cruelty-free, and clean ingredients are safe for your family to finally experience a life stress-free and feel your best.

  • "(Brand Name) product is affordable and starts at just $15. Nothing costs over $100. "

  • "(Brand Name) sells a variety of styles, including easy-care, kid-friendly, and giftable options, for moms at every life stage."

Call To Action:

  • How to buy product on website

  • What stores to shop your products

  • How to follow you on social

  • Enter SMS giveaway

CTA Examples:

  • "Start to feel better today! Go to (brand and use promo code OSSA20 for 20% off your first purchase and free shipping."

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