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Get Started Guide for Advertisers
Get Started Guide for Advertisers
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Applying and Getting approved for Ossa as an Advertiser

To apply for an account on Ossa please visit, select CREATE AN ACCOUNT and enter the following information:



Confirm Password

Your Name

Phone Number

Brand Name

Brand Website URL

Your LinkedIn (We use this for verification purposes to avoid spam user accounts)

Your Company Logo (This is what the podcaster will see once they receive your offer)

At Ossa, we aim to serve Brands and Advertisers who we feel would be a good fit for podcast advertising. While your account is being reviewed before it is approved - our Advertiser Success Team will reach out to you to set up a time to walk you through the Campaign Creation Dashboard - we'll help you identify your goals and get set up.

How to Create a Campaign

A campaign is your overall objective of the audience you are looking to reach. This includes gender, age range, income, education, ethnicity, budget, show rating, and more. Here is how to best set up your campaign:

*The more specific you are in your criteria the more limited your result will be. If you aren’t seeing shows that meet your full criteria - please go back and remove some of the criteria from your campaign.

Campaign Name

Use this space to name your Campaign. We usually recommend you use some kind of unique identifier in your campaign name such as "Your Brand 'Fall Campaign,'" Or "Your Brand 'Product Name Campaign.'”

Air Dates

These are the dates your campaign will run. In the event a podcaster misses an episode due to vacation or schedule conflict - they will make good with another episode. Please Note: It takes 7 days to get set up. You can only book campaigns with 7 days advance warning.


Ossa doesn’t have a minimum budget requirement. You can book for as much or little as you wish, however, we typically recommend spending $2,000-$3,000 on a test campaign to see results.

Category & Topics

Use this space to target shows that cover a certain genre or topic that your audience is interested in.

Gender Skew

This will default to 50/50 male-to-female audiences. Use the slider to choose shows with a gender skew. Although Ossa is 72% female audiences we do have shows that skew to mostly male audiences.


You can select the generation(s) of the audience you would like to reach. Our tech will surface shows that have this information available.


You can select the income range of the audience you would like to reach. Our tech will surface shows that have this information available.

Ethnicity & Marital Status

You can select the ethnicity and marital status of the audience you would like to reach. Our tech will surface shows that have this information available.


If it's relevant you can select what country the podcast is from.

Ad Placements

You can select the positioning of your ad - ads are typically 60 seconds in length and should be no more than 3 minutes. Positioning is listed below.

Pre-Roll: Within the first 5 minutes of the episode

Mid-Roll: Sometime between 40-70% of the way through the episode

Post-Roll: Sometime in the final 5 minutes of the episode

Campaign Description

Use this area to describe your brand, who you are, and more about your product or promotion. This is what the podcaster will see when they consider accepting your offer for a campaign.

Talking Points

This is just an initial idea about your campaign for the podcast that applied for your offer. Later we will be asking you for the ad copy and notes.

Removing Shows from Your Order

You can remove shows before you send out offers to podcasters by simply clicking the trash can icon.

Campaign Submitted

Woo! You did it! Sit back and relax while podcasters receive and review your offer. Ossa podcasters have full control over the shows they work with and we provide them with 24 hrs to respond.

If a podcaster doesn’t respond on time but you really want to work with them - please send us a message to [email protected] and we will reach out to them directly.

If a podcaster rejects an offer, don't take it personally!

Sometimes your product or business may not align with their show objectives or resonate with their listeners. This guarantees that the podcasters you work with are hyped about your campaign, and their listeners can hear the difference!

If you need to replace a podcast - you will be notified and prompted to go back and add another podcast to your campaign as a replacement.

Campaign Accepted and Approved

Now the fun starts. It’s time to send the podcasters your ad copy and talking points!

Simply go to your campaign dashboard - expand your campaign and select the podcast you'd like to send information.

Select the SEND COPY button

Enter the copy for your ad, whatever talking points you'd like added - and any additional information to arm podcasters for success - such as preferred tone, do’s and don'ts, or instructions on how to receive samples from your brand.

Tips & Tricks to Writing a Great Ad

If you're new to podcast advertising, we've compiled some recommendations based on ad copy that has driven the most success for our advertisers.

Unless otherwise noted, all ads are Host-Read, meaning that the host of the podcast is reading the advertisement directly to their audience. Because of this personal approach - we recommend a set of talking points that allows the host freedom to do the ad read in their own voice.

If you're writing talking points for a 60s ad, consider the following format:


A one or two sentence intro about your product or brand. Explain what your product is, how or why it came to be, or what it solves.

Talking Points:

  • These are 4-5 bullet points that the hosts can touch upon in their read.

  • We recommend writing 4-5 but only requiring the hosts to read 1-3. This gives them some options for what they want to focus on - and allows them to rotate through different talking points if they are doing multiple ads for you.

  • If any must be read - be sure to emphasize that clearly in your script. We often see people highlight mandatory copy points in red with a note at the top of the copy (ex. red text must be read verbatim)

  • Make these talking points as clear and concise as possible. This will allow the hosts to put these talking points in their voice - helping the ad resonate with their audience.

Personal Experience:

If your ad read requires a personal endorsement, give instructions on what the hosts should talk about here. Question prompts are particularly helpful (i.e. "What did you think of the packaging?", "What product was your favorite?", "How did you use the product?", etc).

Call to Action

This is where you direct listeners to buy your offer. This should include any vanity urls or promo codes created for the ads. We generally recommend emphasizing that this has to be read verbatim and require promo codes & URLs to be read twice for clarity.

Tracking Your Campaign & Airchecks

Please Note: Tracking your campaign is typically only available to advertisers that are spending $10,000+. Please speak to your account executive to see if you qualify for attribution and tracking for your campaign.

Ossa is partnered with Podsights - an attribution platform for podcast advertising.

Podsights allows Ossa Advertisers to answer questions like, “How much traffic has visited my site?”, “How many listeners converted to sales?” or “Out of the 10 podcasts that I advertised on - which ones worked?”

Once a podcaster has completed a campaign - they are required to provide the episode URL and Timestamp for each episode. At the end of the campaign, you will be provided with the links to each episode - as well as a general report.


If you are running an attribution campaign, please take the following actions;

Accept your invite from Podsights. Once you have accepted your invite you can add other team members accordingly. If you are having any issues along the way please email [email protected] or [email protected]

Install the Podsights Pixel on Your Website

Login and Monitor Your Campaign

Find more information about adding your pixel here:

That is it! Your campaign is now active and ready to go!

If you are experiencing any issues - you can email us [email protected], hit the chat icon at the bottom of your screen, or reach out to your account manager directly.

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