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Why Podcast Advertising?
Why Podcast Advertising?
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  • Podcast Advertising is Adaptable โ€“ brands can make quick shifts in ad messaging

  • Intimate Host-Listener Relationship

    • Podcast listeners recognize and appreciate ads for making their favorite podcasts possible. Ad tolerance on podcasts has grown 10% in the last three years โ€“ this is unique to podcasting considering the popularity of ad blocking software/premium subscription services for other media consumption platforms. (Westwood One)

  • Podcast Listeners Are Highly Engaged

    • 63% of podcast listeners have made a purchase after hearing a podcast ad

    • Ads in podcasts are least likely to be skipped compared to other media among monthly podcast listeners

  • Podcast Listeners are a High-Value Audience

    • 45% more likely to have a college degree, 68% more likely to have a postgrad degree, and 45% more likely to have a household income of over $250k

  • High ROI Potential

    • IAB found that podcast campaigns deliver an average of $2.42 for every dollar spent (study covered 530 efforts from more than 230 brands)

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