Applying to Ossa

To apply to Ossa - simply download our iOS or Android App

Create an account and claim your podcast by typing in your podcast name

Once you submit your application -please wait 48 hours for the approval process.

Once you submit your application please allow 3-5 days for the approval process.

Things to know about what we look for in podcasts;

  • You should be a woman or nonbinary podcaster or have a woman or nonbinary cohost or producer on your team.

  • You should have an active podcast (at least 1 episode in the last 90 days; we do however recommend that you have at least 5-10 episodes published to increase your chances for booking.)

  • Great content that is engaging.

  • We do not have a minimum download requirement; however, shows with higher downloads do have higher earning potential!

Once You Get Approved;

Once you have been approved - we require you to take some additional steps to complete your setup;

Create or Add Your Stripe account.

We require podcasters to add Stripe before they're identified in search results. This reduces any delays when getting paid from advertisers once you have been booked.


Add the Podsights prefix to your RSS feed through your hosting provider.

Send This Email to Your Hosting Provider to Connect Podsights:

To: (edit this email address to your hosting provider email address)

Subject: Analytics Prefix


Hi Support team,

I need to add an analytics prefix to my podcast. The URL prefix is "".


(Your Name)


The hosting provider will then take care of adding it for you.

Once you have added your prefix code - send us a quick message through your app and let us know you’ve added your prefix (read more about the Podsights prefix here)

Sit back and wait for your offers.

Ossa's technology is built to connect you with the right brands and advertisers. Once you have taken the steps above - you will start to see campaign requests from brands that meet your audience. There is nothing else you need to do to start getting connected with brands - they'll reach out if you're a fit for their specific campaigns! In the meantime - you can get involved in the Ossa community! Get started by:

  • Check out our community platform - apply to any upcoming community initiatives, like production camps and Amplify (our virtual accelerator program)!

  • Listen to our podcast Mind Of a Mentor and learn great insights from top industry experts.

  • Join our community platform on Circle and start connecting with other podcasters. Click here to join.

Accepting and rejecting offers

At Ossa - we aim to provide our creators with full control over the advertisers they choose to work with. Here are some things to take into account when accepting or rejecting an offer;

The offer will include information about how much you will earn, the brand, the campaign dates, etc.

Once your offer has been confirmed - the brand will then send you a script or talking points.

Accepting an offer;

Once a brand has identified you as a podcast they would like to work with, you will receive an offer. The offer will include information about how much you will earn, the brand itself, the campaign dates, etc. Before accepting an offer please make sure;

  1. You can fulfill the campaign commitment

  2. You understand who the brand is and are excited to work with them

  3. You agree to the compensation for the campaign

Rejecting an offer;

You are not obliged to work with any advertiser. However - please note that rejecting campaigns on a regular basis may result in fewer offers in the future.

You can read more about campaigns and offers here.

Once an offer has been accepted

Woohoo! You are the chosen one. You’ve received an offer, now what?

Once the advertiser has received your confirmation about the campaign, they will send you talking points or a script directly to your app.

To find the script or talking points - go to the “accepted offer” tab and click on the “Show Materials” button.

Once you view the copy - you can hit the share icon to send it to an email, text, slack, etc - and share it with someone else on your team.

Note: In order for your campaign to go live please make sure you have added your Podsights prefix code to your RSS feed through your hosting provider. This is how we track brand campaigns. (See above)

Recording Your Ad - Best Practices

How to Read Ad Copy

Ad Copy/Talking Points are the notes brands give to guide podcasters in recording an ad. They can either be formatted as a script to be read verbatim or as bulleted talking points which give a loose guide on what hosts should touch on in their ad read.

Your first time reading over the copy should not be when you’re sitting down to record your ad. Look it over and make sure you understand the requirements and don’t have any additional questions. If you do have questions, contact us through your app or send us an email to

Things You Should Look For in Ad Copy Include:

  • Mandatory Talking Points: Check all the notes in your copy to see how they indicate these required lines. It might just be mandatory that they’re mentioned, but sometimes they may need to be read verbatim. This is often the case for any disclaimers or CTAs (see below).

  • Personal Experience Requirements: Host-read ads often require a personal endorsement. Make sure you understand the requirements of this section of your read before you start. Almost all brands that require this will send over samples/accounts/etc. to try out their product. If you haven’t received yours or feel unable to make this endorsement, email us

  • Call To Action or “CTA”: It’s often meant to be read verbatim, so make sure you know what your promo code or vanity url is before starting your ad read. This is the number one place people make mistakes that often cause a fix, and in turn, it’s the easiest mistake to avoid if you’re prepared ahead of time! When recording, it’s also good practice to read the offer twice through, spelling out any urls or codes that could be confusing to your listeners.

  • Additional Notes: Sometimes the script page or your copy document may include additional notes. These vary widely and can include supplemental documents with more info about the products, words/phrases to avoid in your read, notes about the tone of the read, and more. Make sure to review all of these notes before you record.

How to Record a Good Ad

Here are some general tips our podcasters & producers have found helpful to remember while recording their ads:

  • Make Sure You’re Following the Guidelines For the Length of an Ad. Ads are typically 60 seconds, if it goes over, that’s totally fine, but in general we recommend ad reads stay under 3 minutes long.

  • Have Fun! Your tone really helps sell the ad to your listeners & the brand. Advertisers listen to every read, so make sure to avoid disparaging, sarcastic, or uninterested tones to steer clear of negative feedback or potential fixes.

  • Personal Experience: Most spots will require you to discuss your personal experience with the product. This is your opportunity to share your direct experiences using the product or services. Sometimes sharing your personal experience can be tough. In these cases, we encourage you to talk about other aspects of the product you may have enjoyed—for example maybe it came in cute packaging, or you found its shipping straight to your door very convenient. Here are some examples of positive aspects you can mention:

    • “I found [the app] very easy to use”

    • “I love that it shipped directly to my door”

    • “Their online quiz was very personalized”

    • “I loved how [the product] smelled”

    • “I like that [the product] shipped in recyclable packaging”

    • “[This product] made a great gift for a friend/family member”

  • Make Sure You're Following the Guidelines for Where the Ad is Placed in Your Episode. A pre-roll should fall within the first 5-10 minutes of your episode. Mid-roll should fall around the halfway point or between 40%-70% of your episode. If your ad is a post-roll, it should come within the last 5-10 minutes.

  • Record a unique spot for each ad. Unless otherwise notified, you are required to record a new ad read for each spot on your calendar, even if the copy is identical across multiple ads. When recording multiple ads with the same copy, use this opportunity to rotate in talking points you didn't use previously, or give an update on your personal experience.

Getting Paid

Yay! You made it through the entire process!! Now it's time to get paid! Here is what you can expect next:

Go to Accepted Offers

Go to 'submit episodes' and submit the link and timestamp for each of the episodes the ad appeared on.

Once approved - we will process your payment for ads executed within the month on the 30th of each month.

Your payment will go directly to your Stripe account and be available in your bank account in 3-5 days. You can view your earnings in the "Payments" tab.

If you have any questions please contact us through your app or send us an email to for assistance at any point along the way - we're here to help!

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